Live-Stream Update

Jan 27, 2022


I wanted to make you aware of a change we'll be making to our live-stream service in the coming weeks... Starting on February 20th, we will no longer offer the 9:00 am service over live-stream. As many of you may recall, the reason we launched the livestream in the first place was 1) to offer an online format when our in-person gatherings halted in 2020 while protecting our most vulnerable as we slowly returned to gathering and 2) to accommodate families with young children who were unable to attend during our season of online reservations and space limitations. Now that our NextGen building has reopened and we have been fully assembling for quite some time, we feel the stream has served its purpose and it is time to transition back to not offering an online service. With that said we will continue to make the sermon available via podcast and vodcast on our website. 

I realize that an online service is a great convenience for some people in unique situations. However our conviction has always been for an embodied assembly (Ekklesia) of God's people gathered together for the preaching, singing, seeing (ordinances), fellowshipping, & praying of God's Word that simply just cannot be duplicated in digital form. For those who still have to miss a week or two here and there, both the audio Podcast and Vodcast of the sermon will be made available every Tuesday on our various platforms as mentioned above. Thanks for your great patience and understanding in this. 

- Shea Sumlin