The Goal: To rebuild our Worship Center

What is the ReBuild Initiative?

The ReBuild Initiative is a 3-year effort by Northway Church to rebuild the worship center that was destroyed by a tornado in 2019. In October of 2022, we raised 6 million dollars in pledges for the initiative and have been taking steps towards rebuilding since then. We are asking everyone who calls Northway home to consider joining us in this goal. If you are new to Northway or haven’t been a part of the initiative yet we would invite you to join us on the journey of rebuilding! Our goal was and always has been 100% participation, whether that means a gift of $1/month or $1,000/month. We hope you see this as an opportunity to invest in what the Lord is doing and will do for generations to come at Northway. Had it not been for faithful men and women who came before us we would not have the facilities we still have now. This is our chance to invest in the gospel work the Lord has for this corner of Marsh and Walnut Hill.

What are next steps?

We have finalized plans with our architect and chosen a general contractor. We have yet to take on any debt but are now beginning discussions with several banks to look at financing options. We hope to break ground at some point mid-2024.

Can I still contribute?

Yes, you can! In October 2022, we asked anyone who calls Northway home to commit to giving to ReBuild monthly, above and beyond their tithe through December 2025. Though we met our goal of $6 million in pledges, everything we can raise above that will be less debt we have to take on. If you are new to Northway we would love to have you join us on this journey towards rebuilding our worship center!



We are rebuilding what was destroyed by a tornado in 2019. We also believe that rebuilding the Worship Center is an eternal investment that will impact generations to come, just as Northway Baptist Church members before us gifted us with our current space. It’ll be a resource for us as we seek to be a trained and sent people — creating space for members and visitors to attend our weekly gathering and freeing up the current Worship Center building to be used for the flourishing of our community.
We have selected a contractor and are encouraged by initial estimates. We are still awaiting firm costs and will share more information as it’s available.
We successfully met our goal of raising $6 million in pledges in 2022, with the knowledge that the project could cost around $15 million. We would love to complete this project incurring as little debt as possible! If you aren’t a part of the ReBuild Initiative yet, we invite you to join us as we practice sacrificial generosity as we invest now and in the future generations of Northway.
No. Please continue to tithe to the General Giving fund. All gifts to the ReBuild Initiative should be over and above your monthly giving. Every gift, no matter the size, will be critically important as we seek to be a sacrificially-generous people through this process.
We are currently working to secure construction permits and hope to break ground in mid-2024.
You can give a one-time gift or set up your monthly commitment online by clicking the "Give Now" button below. We ask that if you choose to give a monthly gift, please do so in addition to your general giving.

You can also pay by check, made out to Northway Church. Please contact Michael Dembicki at to discuss other payment arrangements.
  • Adam Curran - lay elder, treasurer, and ReBuild Initiative Co-Chair -
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If you're ready to give, here's how you can do it:


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