Our History

In 1952, committed to seeing the gospel go forward in Dallas, fifty-two men and women began to dream of starting a new church on the corner of Walnut Hill and Marsh.

In the years that followed, Northway Baptist Church was born and began to flourish. Since it’s beginning, its members have been dedicated to serving one another, as well as the city, in the hope of Jesus Christ.

In 2009, Northway Baptist Church stepped out in faith and merged with The Village Church, becoming The Village Church’s Dallas Northway campus.

During its years with The Village Church, God blessed the Dallas Northway Campus. Men and women came to know Christ, disciples were made and multiplied, and the message of the Gospel went forth not only in Dallas, but throughout the world.

In 2015, through much prayer, the elders of The Village Church began the process of preparing its campuses to become autonomous churches, and in 2019 Northway Church was officially established as a new church. 

A mere month after our commissioning as Northway Church, our neighborhood experienced a devastating tornado that affected our area, our neighbors and the church building itself.

Through this calamity, the Lord has done a work in and through us as a body of believers, and we’ve been able to know and love on our community in a whole new way. 

The events of 2019 and 2020 have cemented our hearts even further for the mission of loving our city and sharing the gospel regardless of where we’re physically worshipping.

It’s reminded us that Northway Church is not about a building or a gathering, but rather about a group of people who love the Lord and others in a way that is radically different because of Jesus.

It is our prayer that God would continue to use Northway to reach the people of Dallas and all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for generations to come.