The goal of the Northway Church Intern program is to give practical experience in local church ministry, cultivate transferable skills for future careers and vocations while interns mature in critical thinking, competency and professionalism.

Each intern will be developed in the following areas throughout the duration of their internship: administration, logistical planning and execution, personal ministry and outreach, vision and goal development, teaching and training, communication and research. All of our interns will also be required to participate in Northway Training as a part of their development.

Internship Duration: August 3, 2020 - July 30, 2021.
Pay: $1,000 / month
Hours per week: 25
Benefits provided? No

Children Internship Opportunity

The Children’s Intern assists in the areas of teaching, discipleship, administration, volunteer care, and special projects while learning how to effectively oversee ministry to children and their parents.