Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities meet regularly to connect members and attenders to a smaller family of believers in their pursuit of discipleship and spiritual growth. Through Gospel Communities, we hope to cultivate a space for living out the ‘One-Anothers’ of scriptures as we encounter our neighbors with the gospel. Made up of men and women from all walks of life, these communities meet throughout the week for fellowship, prayer, biblical accountability and evangelistic hospitality. Gospel Communities are facilitated by lay leaders of the church and take place in homes of members throughout the Dallas metroplex.


Several times throughout the year, we host an event called GroupConnect. This is a 2-3 session workshop to help you learn more about Gospel Communities. Upon completion of the GroupConnect workshop, we will connect you to a Gospel Community based on preference and availability.

For more information about Gospel Communities at Northway Church, email our team at: communities@northwaychurch.com

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