Care and Counseling

Northway Church desires to be a people who care for one another with the hope of the gospel in the suffering and struggles of everyday life. We pursue God’s mission of care in the following ways:

Biblical Counseling

We offer Christ-centered biblical counseling to our members and community. Biblical counseling is the personal, Holy Spirit-led application of God’s Word to issues of sin and suffering in light of the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. All counselors at Northway Church are certified biblical counselors or are pursuing graduate-level training in biblical counseling.

While anyone may request biblical counseling at Northway Church, we give priority to requests from our members. If you would like to request counseling email

Biblical Counseling Training

Through Northway Training, we offer a two-semester biblical counseling course that equips students in the theology and practical methodology of counseling ministry. Participants learn not only what Scripture says about our problems and our hope in Christ, but also how to practically apply this hope to one another’s lives.

Gospel Care

Gospel Care is a 14-week discipleship process that practically applies the hope of the gospel to daily life. Through biblical instruction and a personal discipleship and care relationship, participants learn how God’s story of redemption transforms their own stories to bring salvation and life change through Jesus Christ. Gospel Care meets every fall and Spring in conjunction with Northway Training.

For more information about care and counseling at Northway Church, email Brady Goodwin ( or Amanda Seeley (