COVID-19 Updates

Delayed Reopening 

As many of you know, we had planned to return to in-person, limited gatherings on July 12th. Throughout this process, Northway leadership has been committed to being flexible and heeding the counsel of elected officials as well our COVID response team made up of trusted medical professionals from within the church. After monitoring the coronavirus spikes we are seeing in North Texas and reviewing the results of last week's church-wide survey concerning reopening, the elders and COVID response team have decided that it is wisest to delay our reopening plan. We hope to return sometime in August but do not have a new date officially set. Please watch the video below to hear from Shea about this decision.

Northway Fall Programming Update

  • Staring August 9th we will transition to a live stream Sunday service format as we continue to meet online. There will be one service at 9:00 am each Sunday that will be made available after the service has concluded. You will be able to find that service on our YouTube page or by simply continuing to come to our website to view the service. 
  • In this COVID-season we are going to re-format how we have been doing Worship and Prayer. Rather than meeting monthly for a live-streamed service we are going to move to a more interactive weekly rhythm of prayer on Wednesday afternoons. Every Wednesday for the foreseeable future we would encourage you to sign up for our midweek zoom prayer meeting from 12:30 - 1:15. Sign up online here and email with any questions. 
  • Transform will still take place this August however we will only be facilitating backpack day this year because of the condition of TJ and Cary. Since we are focusing solely on backpack day we are looking to raise the bar and purchase 1800 backpacks as well as 1800 school supply kits for the Bachman Lake community. You can buy Backpacks and school supply kits online at this link OR we would love to have you bring physical backpacks to our backpack drop off day on August 9th